What are the interesting buildings you have known?

The number of highrise buildings is increasing all over the world. For the last several years, a lot of effort has been made to give them shape. China's Meitan Tea Museum and Florida's Seminole Hard Rock Hotel are examples. There are many such buildings in the world which are surprising because of their special shape.


This is a picture of Mitan Tea Museum of China. The height of this building, which looks like a kettle, is 73.8 meters. Spread over 5 thousand square meters, it is the largest teapot-shaped building in the world. A huge cup is also made right next to it. The surprising thing is that it has been built on a multi-storey building.

This is a picture of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, built in the shape of a guitar. This 36-storey hotel has 638 rooms, suites and entertainment sites including casinos. 7 thousand people can come in it. This 450 high hotel was built in 2014.

This picture is from the Kansas City Public Library in Missouri, USA. Looking at this library made in the shape of books from outside, it seems that large size books are kept here. This 25 feet high library is lavishly shaped with 22 books.

This picture is not of any common basket but from the headquarters of Longburger Company. This wooden basket-like building built in the city of Newark, Ohio remains the center of tourist attraction. There has also been a special reason for making it like this. Actually, the company whose headquarters is there, it has once been a wooden basket maker.

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