Construction Technology: An Illustrated Introduction

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Discover the Complete Guide to Low-Rise Construction Technology!

If you're eager to gain a comprehensive understanding of low-rise construction, this brand new textbook has you covered. From sub-structure elements like site work, setting out, and foundations, to superstructure aspects including flooring, roofs, finishes, fittings, and fixtures – every critical aspect is thoroughly explored.

Ideal for students and professionals alike, this textbook fulfills the first-year course requirements across various construction technology programs, regardless of the ultimate qualification pursued.

Practical Solutions for Real-World Construction Challenges

Inside, you'll find tried and tested solutions to a wide range of construction problems. Organized in a logical sequence of construction, it provides valuable insights into successful practices, what to avoid, and common mistakes. Drawing from past experiences, it showcases good practices and highlights common faults to help you build a solid foundation in the field.

Stay Updated with BSI Documents and Building Regulations

The textbook includes concise summaries of essential BSI documents, ensuring you stay informed about industry standards. Additionally, it references the latest building regulations to keep you up-to-date with the ever-evolving construction landscape.

Visual Learning at Its Best

We understand that lengthy explanations can be overwhelming. Therefore, we've made learning a breeze by heavily relying on hundreds of illustrations. Detailed drawings paired with clear photographs offer real-life construction scenarios, helping you grasp concepts with ease.

Embark on a comprehensive journey through low-rise construction and unlock the secrets of successful building practices. This textbook is your ultimate guide to mastering the technology behind low-rise construction and becoming a proficient professional in the field.


Eric Fleming is the author of Construction Technology: An Illustrated Introduction, published by Wiley.


Bricks and Blocks; Substructures; Walls; Timber Upper Floors; Openings in Walls; Timber Roof Structures; Roof coverings; Doors; Windows; Stairs; Mutual walls; Plumbing Work; Electrical Work; Maps and Plans; Levelling; Timber; Concrete; Screeds; Shoring, Strutting and Waling; Nails, screws, bolts and proprietary fixings; Gypsum wall board; DPCs, DPMs, Ventilation of ground floor voids, Weeps; Drawing symbols and conventions; Conservation of Energy; British Standards
* summarises, with diagrams and bullet point explanations all the elements of the building process
* worked building estimate examples
* comprehensive coverage - including former construction methods (essential for students on Building Surveying and Building Maintenance courses who need this when drawing up refurbishment schemes or maintenance plans)

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