Daylighting: Natural Light in Architecture

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Daylighting offers a general theory and introduction to the use of natural light in architecture.

The fourth of Derek Phillip's lighting books draws on his experience to illustrate how best to bring natural light into building design. As sustainability becomes a core principal for designers, daylighting comes to the fore as an alternative to artificial, energy consuming, light. Here, Phillips makes a rational argument for considering daylight first, outlining the arguments in favour of a daylight approach, and goes on to show, through a series of
beautifully illustrated case studies, how architects have created buildings in which natural light has been shown to play a major strategic role in the development of the design of a building.

* Learn how to incorporate daylight into a wide range of building design types
* Be informed about the most 'sustainable' of lighting techniques
* International case studies including examples from the UK, Hong Kong and USA inspire the reader and illustrate best practice


Editorial Reviews


"An interesting introduction to the principles of sensitive lighting."
- EASA Newsletter

"It is highly readable, fascinating and educative."
- Journal of Architectural Conservation

"The book is a good introduction. Readers will be fascinated by construction details, fault systems
and repair techniques that are not common in the UK."
- The Architects' Journal

"I recommend the book to all designers."
- RIBA Conservation Newsletter

" ... shows various ways that architects have used windows and openings to illuminate working spaces. The book includes case studies of buildings at several universities - such as Florida Southern University and England's Open University and the University of Warwick - where natural light has sometimes led to significant energy savings."
- The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 4, 2005

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