Industrial Process Plant Construction Estimating and Man-Hour Analysis 1st Edition

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Industrial Process Plant Construction Estimating and Man-Hour Analysis focuses on industrial process plants and enables the estimator to apply statistical applications, estimate data tables, and estimate sheets to use methods for collecting, organizing, summarizing, presenting, and analyzing historical man-hour data.

The book begins with an introduction devoted to labor, productivity measurement, collection of historical data, verification of data, estimating methods, and factors affecting construction labor productivity and impacts of data. It goes on to explore construction statistics and mathematical spreadsheets, followed by detailed scopes of work ranging from coal-fired power plants to oil refineries and solar plants, among others. Man-hour schedules based on historical data collected from past installations in industrial process plants are also included as well as a detailed glossary, Excel and mathematical formulas, area and volume formulas, metric/standard conversions, and boiler man-hour tables.

Industrial Process Plant Construction Estimating and Man-Hour Analysis aids industrial project managers, estimators, and engineers with the level of detail and practical utility for today’s industrial operations and is an ideal resource for those involved in engineering, technology, or construction estimation.

  • Identify quantity differences with the comparison method and eliminate impacts between proposed and previously installed equipment
  • Understand how to implement statistical and estimating methods, scopes of work, man-hour tables and estimate sheets to produce direct craft man-hour estimates, RFPs, and field change orders
  • Set up and utilize Excel templates to automate statistical functions that will perform mathematical applications key to process plant construction

About the Author

Kenneth Storm is currently an independent consultant for a US-based construction company, preparing construction estimates on a variety of projects such as power plants, oil refineries, petroleum industry tank farms, and compressors stations ranging in price from $500,000 to over $250 million in scope. Accumulating over 35 years of experience, he worked as a major project engineer and piping engineer for a variety of major companies. He graduated with a BS in mathematics and statistics from California State University, Chico. He is licensed and certified as a California General Engineering Contractor and a member of the American Mathematical Association.

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