The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox: Checklists and Best Practices to Manage Your Workflow

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Get organized and streamline your workflow with this A-Z accountability system.  

Design is only part of an interior designer’s job—you’re also responsible for scheduling client meetings, conducting design surveys, creating drawings and specs, and overseeing installation. Multiply by the number of projects on your plate, and you have a recipe for overwhelming disorganization. The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox helps you juggle multiple projects with ease, with a comprehensive self-management system tailored to the needs of interior designers and decorators.

Features include:

  • Detailed checklists that highlight weak spots and warn against common pitfalls
  • Covers residential design, contract design, specifications, and renovations
  • Best practices for meetings, design surveys, drawings, specifications, and renovations
  • Customizable online checklists for tracking every phase of your project
  • Exclusive online budgeting tool for tracking product costs and associated expenses to share with your team and your clients

If you need to get organized and get back to work, you need The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox.

Acknowledgments vii

Online Resources on the Companion Website viii

Introduction and How to Use This Book ix

PART I Beginning a Project: Meetings and Surveys

Chapter 1: Meetings 3

Meeting with Clients 3

New Prospective Client Protocols Checklist 5

New Client Questionnaire Example 6

Initial Consultation Checklist 9

Proposal Checklist 10

Letter of Engagement Checklist 11

Letter of Engagement References 12

Meeting and Survey Materials 20

Meeting and Survey Materials Checklist 21

Meeting and Survey Materials References 22

Meeting Notes Example 23

Chapter 2: Residential and Contract Surveys 25

Introduction 25

General Room Survey 26

General Room Checklist 27

Bathroom Surveys 28

Bathroom Checklist 29

Kitchen Surveys 30

Kitchen Checklist 31

PART II Drawings

Chapter 3: Residential and Contract Drawings 35

Introduction 35

General Room Drawings 36

General Room Checklist 37

General Room Drawing References 38

Contract General Room Drawings 43

Contract General Room Checklist 44

Contract General Room Drawing References 45

Residential Bathroom Drawings 50

Residential Bathroom Checklist 51

Residential Bathroom Drawing References 52

ADA Bathroom Drawings 64

ADA Bathroom Drawing Checklist 65

ADA Bathroom References 66

Kitchen Drawings 67

Kitchen Checklist 68

Kitchen Drawing References 69

Kitchen 3D Sketch Examples 75

Custom Cabinetry Drawings 76

Custom Cabinetry Checklist 77

Custom Cabinetry Drawing References 78

PART III Specifications

Chapter 4: Residential Specifications 85

General Notes 85

Bathroom Specifications 86

Bath Fixtures Checklist 88

Bath Fixtures—Accessories Checklist 89

Bath Tile and Stone Checklist 90

Custom Bedding and Window Treatments Specificatio 91

Custom Bedding Specification 91

Custom Bedding Checklist 92

Custom Window Treatment Specification 93

Custom Window Treatments Checklist 95

Fabric and Trim Specification 96

Fabric Specification 96

Passamentarie/Trim Specification 96

Fabrics Checklist 98

Passamentarie/Trims Checklist 99

Flooring Specification 100

Hard Surface and Resilient Flooring Specifications 100

Flooring—Hard Surface and Resilient Checklist 102

Furniture Specification 103

Furniture—Case Goods Specification 103

Upholstered Furniture Specification 103

Furniture—Case Goods Checklist 105

Upholstered Furniture Checklist 106

Kitchen Specification 107

Kitchen Cabinetry Checklist 109

Appliances Checklist 110

Kitchen Fixtures Checklist 111

Kitchen Tile Checklist 112

Lighting Specification 113

Lighting Checklist 114

Luxury Spaces Specification 115

Billiard/Game Room Items/Fixtures Checklist 116

Home Gym Checklist 117

Home Spa Checklist 118

Home Theater Checklist 119

Man Cave Checklist 120

Wine Cellar Checklist 121

Wall Specification 122

Paint Specification 122

Wallcovering Specification 122

Paint Schedule Example 123

Wallcovering Checklist 124

Chapter 5: Contract Specifications 125

General Notes 125

Contract Furniture Specification 126

Contract Case Goods and Other Furnishings 126

Contract Case Goods and Other Furnishings Checklist 127

Contract Upholstered Furniture 128

Ergonomic Chairs 128

Systems Furniture 128

Contract—Upholstered Furniture Checklist 130

Ergonomic Chairs Checklist 131

Contract—Systems Furniture Checklist 132

Contract Bath Fixture Specification 133

Contract Bath Fixtures Checklist 134

Contract Flooring Specification 135

Contract Flooring Checklist 136

Contract Lighting Specification 137

Contract Lighting Checklist 138

Contract Textiles Specification 139

Contract Textiles Checklist 140

Specifications—Contract Textiles Symbols Guide 141

Contract Wall Specifications 142

Paint 142


Contract Wallcoverings Checklist 143

Contract Window Coverings/Shading 144

Contract Window Coverings/Shading Checklist 145

PART IV Renovations

Chapter 6: Residential and Contract Renovations 149

General Notes 149

Residential Design—Ordering and Deliveries 149

Purchase Orders and Order Tracking 149

Delivery Protocols 151

Purchase Order Checklist 153

Purchase Order References 154

Order Tracking Overview Checklist 155

Order Tracking References 156

Delivery Protocol Checklist 158

Kitchen and Other Cabinetry Installation 159

Kitchen and Other Cabinetry Installation Checklist 160

Luxury Space Installations 161

Billiard/Game Room 161

Billiard/Game Room Checklist 162

Home Gym 163

Home Gym Checklist 164

Home Spa 165

Home Spa Checklist 166

Home Theater 167

Home Theater Checklist 168

The Man Cave 169

Man Cave Checklist 170

Wine Cellars 171

Wine Cellar Checklist 172

Walls 173

Painting Protocol Checklist 174

Wallcovering Installation Checklist 175

Window Treatment Installation 176

Window Treatment Installation Checklist 177

Special Considerations for Contract Renovation 178

Contract Renovation References 179

Glossary 187

Index 195

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